Ways to Treat TMJ Pain

ways to treat tmj pain

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is a condition that causes chronic pain in the head, neck, and jaw, as well as earaches, stiffness, clenching of the jaw, and more. Often, many people suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder do not realize it at first because TMJ symptoms can be so varied, and they continue to suffer instead of seeking TMJ treatment in Okotoks.

Our team at Cornerstone Dental Wellness has extensive experience diagnosing and treating TMJ, and we are happy to help you alleviate your painful symptoms. Read more to learn about TMJ treatment near you.

At-Home Treatment Options

If you are suffering from TMJ, you will likely want to try to alleviate your pain at home while you wait to see our dentist near you. Some at-home remedies that you can try include:

  • Using a warm compress on the outside of your cheek against your jaw
  • Using over-the-counter pain medications, ibuprofen is especially helpful
  • Avoid eating hard, chewy, or crunchy foods
  • Try to relax your jaw as much as possible
  • Gently stretch your jaw

While these at-home methods may provide temporary relief, the best way to find a permanent solution to your TMJ is to visit our dentist in Okotoks. They will ensure that you get the best treatment plan to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Long-Term Treatment Methods for TMJ

Dealing with TMJ symptoms can be painful and frustrating, but there are many effective TMJ treatments available. When you visit Cornerstone Dental, our dentist will provide you with the treatment that is best for your needs after performing a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms.

Some TMJ treatment options include:

  • Orthodontic devices
  • TENS therapy
  • Reconstructive work

Orthodontic devices are a vital part of long-term TMJ treatment. Orthodontic devices can be used to hold your jaw in a relaxed position and prevent unconscious grinding and clenching during the night. Often, patients find that when they begin to use a night guard and stop grinding their teeth, their TMJ symptoms are significantly reduced or completely eliminated.
TENS therapy uses electric shocks to help relax your jaw muscles, alleviating pain and helping your jaw settle into a natural, comfortable position. Our dentist can help you come up with a long-term treatment plan using TENS therapy.

In severe cases, reconstructive or orthodontic dental work may be required. Dental work can fix the alignment of your bite, addressing the root cause of your pain and providing you with long-term pain relief. Furthermore, you may be referred to an oral surgeon for surgeries that will fix the alignment of your jaw and reduce your painful symptoms.

At Cornerstone Dental, our team values full-face orthodontics, which takes into consideration the entire face, including the jaw, instead of only focusing on teeth. Full-face orthodontics helps to ensure your jaw grows correctly so that your teeth fit properly in your mouth and your jaw reaches its ideal position without the need for surgery.

Visit Cornerstone Dental for TMJ Treatment

If you are suffering from chronic pain due to temporomandibular joint disorder, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of dedicated dental professionals at Cornerstone Dental today. We are happy to provide you with an exam and help you determine the cause and best possible treatment plan for your needs. Patients often find that their quality of life and overall well-being greatly improves after receiving successful TMJ treatment. Please contact us to book a consultation today!