Velscope Screening in Okotoks, AB

We provide VELscope screenings near you to identify lesions and abnormal tissues that indicate oral cancer. Oral cancer affects all areas of your mouth, including the lips, cheek, throat, tongue, sinuses, and palate. Early detection increases a patient’s five-year survival rate.

velscope screening near you

Velscope Screening Near You

We offer VELscope screenings in Okotoks, AB, to detect tissues and lesions in your mouth that can indicate oral cancer. The VELscope device screens for cancer in two minutes without any pain or side effects.

A VELscope screening near you will highlight abnormal tissues with a blue light. The abnormal tissues will appear dark, while healthy tissues appear bright green. In the early stages, the difference between healthy and abnormal tissues is not visible to the naked eye.

Our office also offers VELscope screenings in Okotoks, AB, to detect bacterial and fungal growth. These are the results of poor oral hygiene. If you have bacterial growth, your dentist will recommend a treatment plan and encourage improved oral care.

Early detection allows interventions to be made before the disease spreads to other parts of the body. VELscope screenings are an effective and simple method of detecting abnormal tissues before other obvious signs develop.

Key Points About Velscope Screening and Oral Cancer

  • VELscope screenings near you are non-invasive and quick.
  • Oral cancer is commonly found in patients over the age of forty. Prolonged exposure to the sun or ultraviolet light, excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking can cause oral cancer.

We offer VELscope screenings near you to detect oral cancer in the early stages. If you have any questions or are interested in receiving a VELscope screening in Okotoks, please contact us.