Laser Dentistry in Okotoks, AB

We provide laser dentistry near you to reduce the pain, vibration, bleeding, and noise associated with dental procedures. Laser dentistry also allows your dentist to perform multiple procedures in one appointment. Lasers are non-invasive and can preserve healthy tissues.

laser dentistry in okotoks

Laser Dentistry Near You

The bleeding, sounds, and vibrations during dental procedures can cause anxiety for many patients. By utilizing lasers, we can provide patients with a comfortable experience and reduce their anxiety. Lasers reduce bleeding and offer a quick recovery period. Our office is happy to provide laser dentistry in Okotoks, AB.

Our dentist provides laser dentistry near me to perform multiple procedures in one appointment. This reduces the total number of appointments needed for the same treatment. Computer-guided lasers offer non-invasive, precise treatments. They also reduce the risk of infection and recovery time.

Lasers are used for soft and hard tissue procedures. Lasers can be utilized for soft tissue procedures such as contouring, removing infected tissue, gum surgeries, and periodontal treatment. Your healthy tissue will be preserved with lasers compared to scalpels.

Hard tissue procedures such as fillings, root canal therapy, and bonding also utilize lasers. Without the use of drills, your procedure will be quiet and vibration-free. Lasers are very precise. They will only remove the area needed, so your healthy bone and teeth will be preserved.

Takeaways About Laser Dentistry

  • We offer laser dentistry in Okotoks, AB, to reduce dental anxiety. Lasers are silent and vibration-free.
  • Lasers are very precise, allowing your dentist to preserve your healthy tissues. They also reduce bleeding, recovery time, and risk of infection.

We are happy to provide laser dentistry in Okotoks, AB. Please contact us to learn more.