What Can Make Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) Worse?

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what can make temporomandibular joint disorder tmj worse

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is an umbrella term for several disorders related to the small joint connecting your lower jaw to your skull. When this joint becomes aggravated, it can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, with symptoms such as jaw tension, headaches, and neck pain. At Cornerstone Dental Wellness, we provide TMJ treatment in Okotoks to help alleviate the discomfort caused by TMJ.

Read on to learn about some habits that can worsen TMJ and how to get the treatment you need to alleviate your symptoms.

Surprising Habits That Will Make Your TMJ Worse

If you are experiencing symptoms associated with TMJ, then you must visit a dentist near you as soon as possible to get the treatment that you need. TMJ can lead to serious problems such as migraines, hearing problems, and even poor nutrition without the right treatment.

Here are some habits to avoid:

#1 Using Teeth as Tools

There are situations where your teeth may seem like the perfect tools to use to cut or open something, but this can damage them and make your TMJ symptoms much worse. To protect your teeth and jaw, ensure that you never use your teeth to:

  • Chew objects that aren’t food, such as the backs of pencils
  • Hold items
  • Open things such as plastic packages and bottles

Remember that these tasks require a fair amount of force and can put stress on your jaw joint and its surrounding muscles. Always take the time to find the right tools and protect yourself from further damage and pain to your jaw and teeth.

#2 Eating Tough and Chewy Foods

If you deal with TMJ, then it is important to give your teeth and jaw a break from working so hard by avoiding tough to chew foods. Some of these foods include:

  • Tough meat
  • Hard vegetables and fruits
  • Any food that forces you to open your mouth very wide
  • Crunchy snacks and cereals

When you visit our dentist in Okotoks, they will typically advise that you stick to a soft diet as part of your TMJ treatment to reduce stress and swelling around your jaw joint.

#3 Poor Posture

While most people may not be aware of their posture, it is important to maintain a good posture because it plays a vital role in the alignment of your jaw. Bad posture can be make your TMJ much worse. To alleviate jaw pain associated with poor posture, try the following:

  • When standing, ensure that you distribute your body weight evenly to all parts of the feet
  • Take frequent breaks from sitting at a desk, do some stretches, and move around
  • Position your computer at eye level so that you don’t need to crane your neck
  • Sit straight and align your shoulders, ears, and hips in one line

Interested in TMJ Treatment?

If you have been suffering from TMJ pain, don’t wait to get TMJ treatment near you. The longer you allow your symptoms to fester, the worse they will get. At Cornerstone Dental Wellness, we provide our patients with TMJ therapy so that they can alleviate their pain and maintain an excellent quality of life. Please contact us to book your appointment today.