Common Reasons For Dental Implants

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common reasons for dental implants

In today’s world, a smile is the foundation of every day. That might result in happier days ahead. But these days, people are losing their confidence in their abilities to interact, speak, and smile in public due to tooth loss. What might the answer be, then? Here is a remedy if you find it difficult to speak and smile in public as well.

With the help of dental implants, thousands of patients have been able to restore their confidence to talk and smile without inhibition.

Here are some reasons why this option has become highly sought after:

1. Comfortable Fit

Dental implants are made to mimic your natural teeth in terms of appearance, feel, and performance. Additionally, implants provide patients with the self-assurance to smile, eat, and interact with others without being self-conscious or concerned that their dentures will fall out. Over time, dental implants remain the most long-lasting restorative technique. Most studies show that dental implants have a virtually perfect success rate and are more efficient than other restorative dentistry procedures like dental crowns and bridges.

2. High Success Rate

Dental implants with proper planning and maintenance typically have survival rates that are on par with or better than those of other tooth replacement solutions. The success rate of implants should also increase as implant technology and techniques evolve. The best likelihood for successful implants is in healthy people. Reach out to our dentist near you for more information.

3. Long-lasting

Implants have consistent results and last as long as other restorative procedures for teeth with adequate care and maintenance. Dental implants near you continue to be the most durable restorative procedure over the long term. The majority of research indicates that dental implants are more effective than other restorative dentistry procedures like dental crowns and bridges and have a nearly flawless success rate.

4. Enhanced Ability to Eat and Chew

Like natural teeth, dental implants are secured in your jawbone. They will eventually greatly lessen bone resorption and aid in maintaining the jaw bone. By getting implants from a dentist in Okotoks to replace missing teeth, you can improve your speech clarity and food chewing.

5. Improved Facial and Bone Features

Dental implants preserve natural tooth tissue as they do not need the removal of nearby teeth, as is needed for traditional bridgework. Additionally, they will secure bone from eroding and resorbing, which drives a drop in jawbone height. Dental implants not only retain natural tooth tissue but also lessen bone resorption and degeneration, which cause the loss of jawbone height. They also lessen the strain on the remaining oral structures and teeth.

Looking For Dental Implants?

Patients who are missing one or more teeth frequently use dental implants. Many people may find them to be a fantastic solution, but in order to be a candidate for this well-liked procedure, you must have healthy gums, no underlying disorders that might inhibit bone healing, and a robust jawbone to support the implants.

Dental implants are a fantastic restorative dentistry option that we provide to our patients at Cornerstone Dental Wellness. Our dentists are delighted to explain this process to you and decide whether you would make a good candidate for dental implants. To learn more about dental implants in your area, please contact our office right away!